Amadeus unveils corporate sustainability report

Amadeus unveils corporate sustainability report

The economic, environmental and social impact of Amadeus’s business is outlined in a new corporate sustainability report.

The company’s contribution to helping to meet sustainability objectives is also highlighted in the document which reviews the company’s business and performance in 2012.

A commitment to research and development is showcased, with Amadeus spending around €2.4 billion in this area since 2004. Last year, 14% of revenues were invested in to make sure Amadeus’s solutions deliver efficiencies and continue to “shape the future of travel”.

The increased efficiencies that come with the company’s solutions are often combined with reduced energy and resource consumption, as shown by airlines’ improved productivity, operational efficiencies and fuel consumption through the Amadeus Altéa Passenger Services Solution .

Senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary Tomás López Fernebrand said: “We keep sustainability at the forefront of our thinking in every aspect of our activities.

“We operate in the travel and tourism industry, which represents 9% of global GDP and employment worldwide.

“Connecting the complex ecosystem of sellers and buyers of travel, Amadeus is in a privileged position to contribute to sustainability, leveraging the underlying technology capabilities, expertise and stakeholder relations.”

The company employs more than 11,000 people from 110 countries, speaking 53 languages, highlighting its multiculturalism and diversity.

Amadeus’s 25th anniversary celebration included community projects led by company volunteers worldwide.

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