Brits losing out by booking late, finds study

UK holidaymakers are losing out by leaving it late to book their summer accommodation, according to new research.

Britons are leaving until just 28 days before departure to book their breaks during the summer peak between mid-July and the end of August, the study by holiday rental website shows.

This compares with 66.8 days for the French, 54.4 days for Germans and 37.9 days for the Spanish.

Company founder and chief executive Arnaud Bertrand said: “British travellers are missing out on selection and paying more for their rentals during the summer season due to their late booking behaviour patterns.

“By the time they make their decisions, French, German and Spanish travellers will have beaten them to the punch.

“In order to secure the best selection at the best price, we advise British travellers – especially families – to start thinking about their holiday a month earlier than they usually do. This will ensure that properties are available when they want them at the price they want to pay.

“We suspect that British travellers wait it out to see if the summer will bring good weather. Year after year, Brits hold out until the last minute wishing for the elusive sun to appear – and year after year it stays away.”

However, Britons are more used to booking Christmas breaks in advance at 67.8 days ahead compared with an average of less than 50 days, the company says.

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