Travel firms join Barclaycard’s bespoke shopping service to combat ‘offer fatigue’

Travel firms join Barclaycard’s bespoke shopping service to combat ‘offer fatigue’

A wide range of travel suppliers and retailers have signed up to a new personalised shopping initiative launched by Barclaycard.

Bespoke Offers launches today, with Barclaycard saying it will help merchants better target products to customers and combat ‘offer fatigue’ among consumers.

Among the travel firms signed up at launch are British Airways, Virgin Holidays, Barrhead Travel,, Butlins, easyJet Holidays, and Collette Worldwide Holidays.

Barclaycard said that because of the level of spending data it has, Bespoke Offers will not inundate customers with offers but will only present relevant product.

It claims the free service could save the average UK household £2,100 per year.

Bespoke Offers have been split into 11 categories including shopping, food, travel, fashion, entertainment, home and garden.

The website currently includes over 5,000 offers, with deals for products ranging from a coffee to a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Valerie Soranno-Keating, chief executive of Barclaycard, said: “Barclaycard has been in the business of helping consumers to make payments and retailers take payments since 1966.

“We see how much UK consumers are trying to squeeze more out of every pound they spend and how UK retailers are struggling to provide incentives to the right customers to encourage more sales.

“We created Bespoke Offers for every consumer and retailer in the UK. We estimate that if the typical UK consumer made maximum use of Bespoke Offers across their household spend they could potentially save as much as £2,100 per year. For UK retailers this could amount to tens of millions of pounds in additional sales.

“Bespoke Offers is the savvy shoppers ‘savings SatNav’, always at your fingertips offering whatever you want, whenever you want it. And it also delivers insights to merchants that will help them grow their business. It’s a win/win for the UK market.”

The Bespoke Offers website is available as a mobile-friendly version and there is also an app.

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