TripAdvisor makes it easier to generate reviews and manage reputation

TripAdvisor makes it easier to generate reviews and manage reputation

Two developments from online review giant TripAdvisor have made it easier for hoteliers to collect feedback and manage their reputation on the influential site.

The firm has unveiled a new free service for hotels, Review Express, which will allow them to send bulk emails to customers requesting they leave feedback.

TripAdvisor said the service was developed with hoteliers’ needs in mind and as a result of user input during “extensive” beta testing.

Meanwhile, online reputation and social media management tool ReviewPro is gaining official access to traveller reviews, ratings and popularity index rankings of properties on TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor said Review Express will make it easy to generate fresh reviews by sending past customers an email linked to the write a review page for that property.

Other features include:

  • Customisable emails, including ability to add a logo, image and personalised message;

  • Bulk upload of up to 1000 email addresses, allowing businesses to target recent guests or customers with one easy send;

  • Processing of send requests within 24 hours and automatic notification of successful and unsuccessful sends;

  • Ability to send messages in the 21 languages that TripAdvisor supports.

Reviews written via Review Express will be attributed on TripAdvisor as ‘collected in partnership’ with the business and will be subject to the site’s publishing policies.

TripAdvisor said it will not store email addresses submitted through the service.

Severine Philardeau, TripAdvisor vice president of global partnerships, said: “With Review Express, TripAdvisor aims to extend the relationship between businesses and their guests to encourage them to write reviews.

“This is a time-saver for owners, providing them with a powerful system to manage multiple emails and requests at no cost to the business.

“Review Express has been developed and enhanced based on extensive user testing and is an invaluable service for hospitality business owners looking to build their online reputation.

“When used in conjunction with our free display offerings for owners, Review Express provides a great online marketing package for small and independent hospitality business owners to capture the value of user reviews for their property.”

To use Review Express, business owners can go to or log in to the Management Centre, and click on “Get more reviews”.

TripAdvisor’s collaboration with ReviewPro will give its clients the ability to monitor reviews in more than 20 languages.

It allows both independent hotels and large chains to track and compare their online guest satisfaction performance on TripAdvisor alongside user generated content from other online travel agencies and social media platforms.

ReviewPro chief executive RJ Friedlander said: “This partnership will provide hotel managers and executives, as well as hotel management companies, with unparalleled analytics for understanding what their customers are saying on TripAdvisor and to leverage our easy to use, but powerful tools to increase guest satisfaction.”

“There is a direct relationship between the rankings of our hotels on TripAdvisor and our financial performance.”

Adele Gutman, vice president sales, marketing & revenue at the Library Hotel Collection, whose hotels occupy four of the top 10 positions on TripAdvisor in New York City, said: “ReviewPro’s analysis and customer intelligence is helpful to continually improve our service, operations and product.

“The tool makes it easy to track and analyse feedback from our guests that speak a multitude of languages and share their experiences on TripAdvisor and other social media sites.”

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