MTT app to help hotels cut cost of last minute sales

Mobile Travel Technologies has unveiled a last minute booking app which hotels can white label and avoid the expense of going through third party retailers.
The Dublin-based technology specialist claims the ‘Eleventh Hour Hotels’ app the first ‘white-labelling’ alternative to the proliferation of last-minute booking players entering the market.

MTT  said the app “addresses the issues of inventory control, revenue cannibalisation and commission in the same-day booking market ensuring that hotel chains have the ability to sell their distressed inventory through their own branded app and at a fraction of the cost charged by hotel intermediaries”.

The app comes with no up-front costs for hoteliers which can have a dedicated booking app for its own properties and can better control inventory, discounts and when they promote late deals.

MTT chief executive Gerry Samuels said: “With the current last-minute booking apps on the market, hotels are losing up to 30% of revenue in commission or merchant cut.

“Considering that the rate may already be heavily discounted, there is only a small slice of the pie left for the hotel as profit.

“Through MTT’s Eleventh Hour Hotels app, hotels secure last-minute bookings while achieving a healthier yield on their rooms,” says .  

MTT said the app has undergone extensive usability testing to ensure a quick and easy booking flow and has a strong end-user experience such as providing directions to the hotel from where the customer is at the time of booking.

The app can be up and running quickly within weeks as it requires no technical input from the hotel, added MTT.
Samuels said: “When looking to capture the growing and competitive same-day booking market, it’s important for hotel chains to have control over how they target and attract this business.

“Our app solution allows the hotel to target new customers and retain ownership of the guest relationship. Before Eleventh Hour Hotels, there was no app which enabled a hotel chain to promote its last-minute inventory through its own branded mobile channel.” 

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