Kenshoo paid search study finds tablets match desktop but mobile lags

Kenshoo paid search study finds tablets match desktop but mobile lags

Mobile devices accounted for a quarter of UK paid search spend as cost per clicks on tablets reached parity with desktop in the first three months of 2013.

The latest assessment comes from digital marketing agency Kenshoo, which has worked with a number of travel industry clients like Expedia and Skyscanner.

The Kenshoo Search Advertising Trends Q1 2013 report found increasing demand for both tablet and phone advertising has driven up CPC to £0.20 on phones and £0.30 for tablets – equal to conventional computers.

Kenshoo said while paid search spend on computers (72.3%) and tablets (16.7%) closely matches click share, for phones clicks are 11.5% of total but only 7.8% of spend.


Aaron Goldman, Kenshoo chief marketing officer, said the disparity of CPC on non-tablet mobile offered an opportunity for UK advertisers to shift some of their spend to these devices.

“Advertisers should be assessing the value of mobile clicks in alternative ways because you can’t expect a phone to deliver the same rate of direct online sales as devices with bigger screens that are typically used in the home.

“It’s imperative to track and optimise conversion events like phone calls, app downloads, check-ins, website registrations, store locators. These are KPIs we should be using to measure the effectiveness of phone clicks.”

Download the full report here.

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