Just The Flight tool tells you how much to f****** tip

Just The Flight tool tells you how much to f****** tip

Online travel agent Just The Flight has developed an irreverent online tipping tool offering users a ‘hilariously offensive’ version.

The Guernsey-based price comparison site’s tongue-in-cheek rude version of How Much Should I Tip (warning: NSFW language) comes with a warning about strong language.

The default question in the simple Google-style search box asks ‘Where the f*** are you going?’ and prompts users to ‘Share this S***’ through a Twitter link.

Just The Flight believes the tool is genuinely helpful for travellers having compiled relevant information on 415 countries and cities into one easy-to-use site.

The firm said the dilemma of knowing how much to tip hotel staff, taxi driver, and other tourism service staff or whether tipping is appropriate at all is one most travellers face and is an age-old problem.

Information was selected through Just The Flight’s network of friends, partners, and bloggers.

Mark Byart, Director of Internet at Just the Flight, said: “We’ve all experienced that awkward moment at the end of a meal, or while paying for a taxi on holiday, and not being sure how much – or whether we even should – tip.

“After a conversation in the office, we realised that other people probably experience this too, and we starting working on a way to help travellers and holiday-makers. This is such a great tool, and although it can be seen as a bit of fun, it has the potential to help tourists fit in and ensure staff get correct tips.”

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