Expedia launches ‘luggage tag code’ Facebook competition

Expedia launches ‘luggage tag code’ Facebook competition

Weekly £250 holiday voucher prizes are to be given away by Expedia in a month-long luggage tag campaign on Facebook.

Consumers are being invited to create travel-related messages using more than 9,500 Iata codes from Monday (April 8).

The person with the phrase most creative and relevant to travel at the end of four weeks will win a £2,000 holiday, and may see their combination turned into an advertisement.

The luggage tag campaign was inspired by copywriter Jon Morgan and art director Mike Watson at Ogilvy & Mather.

Expedia.co.uk marketing manager Rebecca McKee said: “With thousands of Iata codes to choose from, there are so many funny and travel-related combinations that can be made three letters at a time.

“At one point we had over 30 combinations mocked-up, but not all of them could make the cut.”

She added: “We’re excited to offer our fans the chance to have as much fun as we did in working out the endless luggage tag phrases – and to work with us to bring this to life in an advert later this year.”

As a business our aim is to make the travel process as smooth as possible to enable our customers to focus on the fun, so our approach with this campaign has been to add creativity and fun to something that is so integral to the travel process.”

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