TripAdvisor introduces ‘popularity index’ analytics service

TripAdvisor introduces ‘popularity index’ analytics service

A system which allows hoteliers to check on their competitors via a ‘popularity index’ on TripAdvisor has been introduced by the reviews website.

Side by side comparisons are being made available, comparing four different properties across a range of criteria.

It provides competitors’ popularity rankings, reviews that rivals have received in the last 30 days and the top three comments in competitors’ reviews.

The Property Dashboard feature claims to provide information on visitor demographics.

A ‘visitors’ page enables hotel owners to gain insight into where their guests have travelled from, why they travel, how long they plan to stay and how far in advance they are booking.

A ‘visit to page’ report can be used to analyse traffic per month over a 12-month period.

A ‘snapshot’ section provides data on elements travellers like of problems that need to be addressed.

“Tracking your review activity will show how many travellers typically write reviews on your property,” the company said.

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