Campingninja creates pop-up campsite for large events

Campingninja creates pop-up campsite for large events

A pop-up campsite for large-scale outdoor events has been created by the firm that last year turned 12 sports grounds near Olympic venues into campsites.

Big outdoor events including the Bournemouth 7’s, Thunder Run 2013 and Wiggle Mountain Mayhem 2013 have extended to providing accommodation through the ‘camp at my event’ initiative.

CampingNinja, the company behind the idea, says the concept offers an additional revenue generating platform, as well as a unique accommodation experience for event visitors.

The pre-erected camp sites are managed by CampingNinja and provide a secure, and affordable alternative to other accommodation where it is not yet available.

Co-founder Geoff Vaughan said: “We are passionate about camping and want to ensure that it is accessible for all at large scale multi-day events where camping is either not yet an option or campers are restricted by the camping currently on offer.

“We aim to deliver real camping without the fuss, perfect for parties of any size.”

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