Turquoise Holidays unveils honeymoon planning app

An app to help with honeymoon planning, researching and booking has been released by Turquoise Holidays.

The free app, available for iPad , provides advice, information and tips on honeymoon destinations ranging from Australasia and the South Pacific to Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.

The interactive app enables users to make an enquiry, request a quote, book an appointment, phone or carry out an online chat with a Turquoise specialist.

Spokeswoman Lizzie Heeley said: “With around 40% of our web traffic coming from mobiles, we see it is of great importance for Turquoise to be at the forefront of mobile marketing in the travel industry.

“We are optimistic that the app will be enthusiastically received, and start a new wave of mobile marketing in the travel industry generally.

“The Turquoise honeymoon guide app is designed not only as an essential information tool but just as importantly a really fun, unpressured way to explore the world and plan a dream honeymoon.”

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