Globalgig takes the battle against rip-off roaming charges to new territories

Globalgig takes the battle against rip-off roaming charges to new territories

Personal Wi-Fi international roaming service Globalgig has announced an extension of its service to cover Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland, Denmark and Sweden.

The firm has also cut the cost of its rolling monthly flat-rate packages to a lead-in of £10 for 1GB, from £15, to £29 for 10GB.

Globalgig, which is courting the travel industry as a potential source of distribution, has also cut the cost of the device from £79 to £50.

It claims to offer users a saving of 95% compared to the same amount of data consumed through roaming packages offered by the major wireless providers.

The service, which can be hooked up to as many as five devices, has been live in the UK, US and Australia, since December last year.

Globalgig is also planning further expansion by the summer 2013 to provide mobile broadband access across additional European and international business hubs.

Nigel Bramwell, chief executive of Voiamo, the company behind Globalgig said: “Globalgig is expanding at a rate of knots, with four new territories in under three months of operation.

“Coupled with the reduction in price, this will help to maintain our simple goal of breaking broadband boundaries, not the bank. Businesses and consumers are becoming acutely aware of the rip-off data bills that they face upon their return from travelling.

“The major network operators are charging hundreds and even thousands of pounds for data, which is unjustifiable.

“Our new pricing and tariffs will put an end to this, by providing clear and honest rates that are highly competitive domestically and crucially allows you to take it abroad at no extra cost.”

Globalgig claims it can offer customers fast internet speeds of up to 7.2 megabytes per second over local 3G networks.

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