It’s fair game as A2Btravelextras goes multi-attributional with DC Storm

It’s fair game as A2Btravelextras goes multi-attributional with DC Storm

A new multi-attributional approach to affiliate marketing will be fairer to partners, specialist supplier A2Btravelextras has said.

The firm, which is expanding rapidly in international markets, informed its UK affiliates of the move, that will be put into place on March 1, last night.

A2Btravelextras incorporates the brands A2Btransfers, A2Bairportparking and ResortHoppa, which it bought from Lowcost Travel Group last year.

It had been operating a last-click approach for affiliates but founder and chief executive Renaldo Scheepers said this meant many content affiliates were losing out.

Working with attribution specialist DC Storm and network Affiliate Window, A2B has developed new technology to track sales.

“We are going to be completely transparent in the data we supply and our affiliates have told us they are all for it,” he said.

“People prefer this approach because they can see how they will be rewarded for doing things that maybe they weren’t being rewarded for before.

“We looked at our PPC, SEO and email marketing and we have to make sure that where we are involved we are not paying out too much and when are affiliates are involved they are rewarded for it.”

Scheepers said A2B is adopting a simple ‘bathtub’ model to affiliate marketing with the greatest emphasis on last click and first click.

“For us as a business moving forward we will be able to see who is driving unique traffic and who is converting the best.

“We need to make sure we are rewarding people who are really contributing.”

“Some traffic the content sites were driving to us we thought was not converting. The key thing for us is transparency.”

Having absorbed ResortHoppa following last year’s buyout A2B opted to put both firms on its own in-house technology.

Two distinct XML feeds for the two main transfers brands have been retained and a third hybrid combing the best of both is being developed.

A2Bairportparking, which offers a full range of suppliers and was launched two years ago, is being put on a new technology platform.

Scheepers said the focus was on growth overseas with the more consumer focused brand Resorthoppa thought most likely to drive that expansion.

However A2Btranfers, which is well established in the UK travel trade, could be used for certain markets.

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