Generate your week off work excuse with

Generate your week off work excuse with

Workers are being offered excuses to take time off work by online travel agency

The site came up with the idea to create an ‘excuse generator’ to enable people to get out of work and onto a last minute holiday after receiving record bookings on January 7.

A new sister site encourages people who are ‘bored of work’, ‘sick’ of their boss or that are ‘just plain lazy’ to hit the ‘generate excuse’ button.

This brings up an excuse that the person can use when calling or messaging their boss, in order to give them a reason not to go to work.

Users are then shown a list of hotels to pick from in destinations such as Spain and Portugal which they can click on to be led through to a page on that lets them book.

People visiting can generate as many excuses as they like and are able to vote for the excuses that worked for them and the ones that didn’t with a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ symbol.

They can also ‘share’ the excuse they’ve used with their friends on Twitter or Facebook, although the agency does not recommend this for those not wishing to be caught out.

Company co-founder Chris Clarkson said: “Not everyone can come up with a believable enough excuse to use when calling their boss to try and get time off, so we thought we’d give them a helping hand.

“What we can’t promise though, is that some of the excuses in our generator won’t end in job loss or some kind of disciplinary at work. For those that use the excuses successfully, we wish you a happy holiday.”

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