TTE 2013: Redfern Travel claims first fully integrated TMC taxi booking service

Bradford-based travel management company Redfern Travel claims to have become the first to offer a fully integrated taxi booking service.

The firm has partnered with European taxi firm Cabfind bringing its inventory into its tRIPS booking platform which is powered by Micros Travel.

From April 1 its corporate travel customers will be able to add taxi bookings to their trips as Redfern moves towards offering a true door-to-door automated travel service to its clients.

Mark Bowers, Joint chief executive of Redfern Travel, said: ‘Our collaboration with Cabfind and Micros has resulted in an innovation that will transform business travel.

“Travellers can now quite literally go door to door in three minutes. Our tRIPS version three allows you to book a cab from your home to the station, the cheapest available train ticket, the best value accommodation and even a cab to your meeting at the other end.

“The benefits to businesses are enormous. The system not only saves them time and money, it can now help them better manage their taxi spend. The days of ringing five different cab companies, trying to police taxi use and collecting receipts are long gone.”

Chris Jordan, managing director of Cabfind added: “I am thrilled to see the vision of a full integrated business travel solution coming to fruition.

“The ground breaking collaboration between Micros Travel, Redfern Travel and Cabfind sees true industry leading pioneers pushing the boundaries to give the best experience for the customer.”

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