Mobile job searches in travel double in 2013, says C&M Recruitment

The number of people using mobile devices to search for travel job vacancies has doubled in the first six weeks of the year, according to a leading recruitment firm.

Mobile traffic – including tablets – to the C&M Recruitment Consultancy website increased annually by 101.6% over the same period in 2012.

While searches on mobiles still only account for 19.14% of all traffic to the C&M Recruitment Consultancy website, this is nearly double the 10.82% share from a year ago.

The company experiened a 72% rise in overall traffic in January over the previous month, representing a 12% annual rise.

While this is likely to be largely due to people choosing the new year as a perfect time to start their job hunt, this still bodes very well for the recruitment sector in 2013, the company said.

C&M sales director Barbara Kolosinska said: “Although the outlook for the economy remains uncertain, the coming year appears extremely promising for the travel recruitment sector and should certainly provide a more positive 12 months than we saw in 2012.

“However, it is clear from the huge 101.6% annual rise in mobile searches that this is the true growth area of recruitment. We are paying particular attention to the possibilities that this presents and any recruiters that don’t adapt to these technologies risk paying the consequences in years to come.

She added: “It is increasingly evident that more and more people are searching for a new job on their phone or tablet and therefore recruiters need to improve their mobile offering in order to attract the top talent.

“We have also seen more candidates using social networks as a way to find new positions recently. The amount of people taking this approach is only likely to grow further and we have increased our presence on sites such as LinkedIn as a result of this. Social media and employer branding is set to become even more important as we progress through 2013.”

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