Mobile devices study predicts ‘end of desktop dominance’

Mobile devices study predicts ‘end of desktop dominance’

Smartphones and tablets are rapidly transforming the paid search advertising industry, with mobile devices accounting for 14.8% of UK paid search and 24.4% of all paid clicks by December, according to a report by Marin Software.

This surge was fuelled by consumers’ increasing use of smartphones and tablets to conduct research and shop online.

Marin predicts the conversion rate of search ads originating from smart mobile will match those from desktops this year.

Advertising budgets are increasing in line with the rise in cost-per-click (CPC) of ads served on smart phones and tablets.

The study found:

– Paid search clicks on smart mobile increased by 65% during 2012
– The UK, with a 24.4% share of smart mobile paid clicks, outstrips the Eurozone at 14.5%
– The UK has the highest smart mobile click through rate (CTR) in Europe, and is only second to the US internationally
– UK advertisers increased their smart mobile paid search budgets from 9.94% to 19.32% , an increase of 94%
– Eurozone advertisers increased their investment in smart mobile paid search from 4.8% to 11.8%
– Early UK adopter traffic resulted in a 36% increase in the cost per click (CPC) for tablets

The company’s EMEA commercial director Jon Myers said: “This study indicates in no uncertain terms that the age of desktop dominance in the paid-search advertising is coming to an end.

“There has been a significant uptake of smartphone and tablets in the UK, and this country now leads Europe in terms of consumer engagement with mobile advertising as we all increasingly shop online on mobile devices.

“While the rise of tablets is no secret, what’s interesting is based on our report, tablet users engage with search ads more than ads on desktops.

“A high user involvement combined with favourable performance characteristics make search ads on tablets hard to resist for advertisers.”

Read Marin’s full report at:

Marin infographic

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