Sabre Red agent Clipboard speeds up itinerary planning

A new clipboard application in the Sabre Red App Centre aims to help agents by speeding up the dispatch of air itinerary options to clients.

The app transfers flight information from the Sabre Red Workspace including flight times, airlines, city codes and fares and creates an easy to read list of shopping options that can be sent to the traveller.

Clipboard allows agents to configure the trip proposal template to meet their individual requirements, such as including their agency logo and contact information.

Agents can also include any service fees or markups with the trip proposal pricing. The app is smartphone friendly, and flight options can be sent in both plain text and HTML.

Sabre UK and Ireland commercial director Elisabeth Martins said: “The clipboard app will save agents valuable time when creating customer trip proposals.

“In these competitive times, it is vital that agencies harness the benefits of technology to stay ahead of the competition. This app will not only help agents deliver increased levels of customer service but will also make agencies more operationally efficient.”

The Sabre Red App Centre offers more than 85 different apps, with others under development by more than 50 certified providers.

Agents from more than 50 countries have used the Red App Centre, generating nearly 15,000 app downloads since its launch last year as the first online marketplace to connect agencies, travel management companies and operators with app providers from around the world.

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