TTE 2013: Multicom seeks partner for super-fast ‘Google-esque’ search tech

TTE 2013: Multicom seeks partner for super-fast ‘Google-esque’ search tech

Multicom is looking for a launch partner for new super-charged search technology it claims has been shown in tests to achieve Google-esque sub-second results return performance.

The Bristol-based software developer has been working to speed up its systems through its fast search Omnicache technology, which was first unveiled two years ago, part of its Powersearch suite.

John Howell, Multicom managing director, said that while the firm’s technology currently operating in a live environment was returning results in two seconds, a new version in a test environment had cut that to just 100 milliseconds.

“It’s not gone to a client yet. We are looking for a launch customer, probably an airline or a large OTA,” he said.

Howell said while speed was still important for his customers so, increasingly, was accuracy and that the latest Multicom technology was offering improvements on both fronts.

“It’s about a mix of speed and accuracy, which is what Powersearch delivers. What we are trying to deliver with Omnicache is a natural trade off between speed and accuracy.

“Most of our largest clients are now starting to ask questions about accuracy. They know having a cheap price gets people to their site but if it’s not there when they come to book they have paid for the click and not converted.

“Omnicache will also help with mobile because you have got to get fast search results on mobile.”

Multicom is also working to aggregate leading payment software solutions providers and integrate them with its core FindandBook (FAB) search and booking system.

This will allow its clients to transact more efficiently in other currencies and, through virtual credit card creation for each transaction, cut down on fraud and minimise how often card payments are declined by generating the optimum type of card for a specific transaction.

“We have not written our own in-house card generation system; we are drawing on the best-of-breed suppliers in the marketplace, and pooling them together in an aggregated platform.

“It’s fully developed and we are ready for clients to go live and are talking to initial launch customers. We currently have two suppliers onboard.”

Howell said Multicom was not looking to bring in a large number of payment technology suppliers because there was “a lot of duplication in the market” but he added not all the players are the same.

The main currencies available will be Sterling, Euro and the US Dollar, which represent 90% of the transactions Multicom facilitates, but the system can allow a customer to pay a supplier in Norwegian Krone, for instance.

Howell said Multicom was growing overseas, partly though existing UK customers themselves developing foreign markets, but also picking up business in countries where dynamic packaging is growing.

He claimed UK technology was often more advanced due to the maturity of the market and Multicom often had an advantage over incumbent tech providers because it provides multiple product streams including flights, hotels, transfers, insurance and now cruise. 

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