Multicom completes development of Omnicache tech

Faster flight search times and accuracy are being claimed by Multicom on the completion of the development of advanced caching technology called Omnicache.

Initially catering for flight searches – low cost and charter are now available via Omnicache – scheduled flights, accommodation and dynamic packages will be phased in during the next stages of development.

Omnicache, part of the company’s Powersearch suite of services, has undergone “significant development” to maximise its potential since the concept was launched at the Travel Technology Europe show two years ago. It is now live with its first unnamed customer.

Multicom managing director John Howell said: “We recognise that search speed is critical to delivering sales and repeat business for travel agents.

“Omnicache improves both speed and accuracy as it is memory based and doesn’t spend time hitting databases or network connections unnecessarily. The data is stored in an optimised format and indexed in such a way that it can be found quickly.

“The flexible model also allows users to only search the portion of the cache of use to them instead of scanning the whole thing.

“We are delighted that Omnicache is now live with one customer who is already reaping the benefits of the developments we have made with Omnicache to date.

“We are confident others will want to work with us to improve and optimise their search facilities to boost their business and ultimately their bottom line.”

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