PillowTalk spices up Priceline site

Priceline.co.uk has unveiled details of a new area of its website called PillowTalk, which allows users to read reviews of accommodation based on different keywords.

Each of the 11,000 European hotels listed on the website will be accompanied by a string of words relating to different aspects of the accommodation, such as “food”, “view”, “friendly” or “parking”.

The words will then be given a specific size on-screen depending on how often they have been used in all of each hotel’s online reviews.

Head of B2C marketing for Priceline Europe, Luke Errington, said: “PillowTalk offers a revolutionary new, fast and unbiased way to choose a hotel.

“The online travel market is constantly diversifying and improving. Priceline is leading the way in providing consumers with what they need – great deals combined with independent and impartial advice on accommodation, based on real-life experiences.”

A failsafe mechanism has been built into the PillowTalk software to ensure reviews only by Priceline.co.uk customers who made a booking are then re-produced on the website.

In addition each reviewer will be given a label based on where they are from or if they are a “young couple” or “business traveller”, for example.

The PillowTalk word cluster system follows the recent launch of NYOP, a Name Your Own Price facility on the website.

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