Vayant Fare Alert offers OTAs and consolidators 24/7 pricing updates

Business to business airfare search technology developer Vayant Travel Technologies has started offering 24/7 fare updates.

Fare Alert is described as an “intelligent airfare monitoring service” targeted at OTAs, consolidators and airlines.

Users can pre-define which markets they want to track and the system pushes out updates when pricing changes.

Fare Alert subscribers can use this information to adjust pricing to remain competitive, create marketing campaigns and keep up to date on competitors’ rates.

Boyan Manev, director business development at Vayant, said: “Fare Alert is a strategic addition to our rapidly expanding portfolio of inspirational airfare search products.

“The focus here is on timely market intelligence that will give travel sellers competitive advantage and help them be more responsive to their customers.

“Fare Alert will enable subscribers to better price airfares and offer highly tactical marketing campaigns to increase sales.

“This product is invaluable for travel companies in building customer loyalty, increasing sales and offering smart shopping solutions.

“In a world which is becoming increasingly personalized in terms of the content we receive, Fare Alert makes it fast and easy for travel sellers to push the right content at the right time.”

Fare Alert monitoring criteria include price, cabin type, negotiated and private fares, specific airlines and trip type (one way or round trip), whole markets or specific origins and destinations.

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