Hotelbeds sees 31% growth in MEAPAC region

Singapore has emerged as the best selling destination in the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Pacific Islands regions for Hotelbeds last year.

Overall room night sales for the region rose by 31% over 2011.

MEAPAC is the largest geographic region for Hotelbeds worldwide and is also the fastest growing region due to its size, scale and market opportunities.

Growth has been accelerated by infrastructure investments made by the countries in the region, particularly to airports and hotels, with airlines increasing capacity and opening new routes.

More than half of room night sales on the Hotelbeds online booking platform are generated from the international market, while 48% come from inter-regional travel, according to the Tui Travel-owned company

The top selling destinations were: Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Phuket, Koh Samui and Bali.

The highest outbound destinations for Asian markets were Paris, London, Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Phuket and Dubai.

Hotelbeds’ regional managing director Pablo Aycart said: “The growth we have achieved so far in the region is due to the excellent relations our local teams have built with client and suppliers and the investments we have made in our people, technology and distribution.

“Our focus for 2013 is to continue to increase the hotel portfolio, develop the distribution coverage and continue with our source market and destination expansion across the region particularly in Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Philippines.”

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