HomeAway.co.uk partners with Neighbourhood Watch in Spain

A partnership with Neighbourhood Watch in Spain has been forged by HomeAway.co.uk.

It will help the crime reduction organisation increase its funds, as well as enabling more holiday homeowners to rent out their properties via the HomeAway.co.uk platform.

Neighbourhood Watch has helped reduce crime and create a safer community, particularly along the coastal regions of Spain where a significant amount of holiday rental properties exists.

As a non-profit organisation it is dependent on donations and sponsorship to survive as the running of the association is conducted on a voluntary basis.

The partnership will enable homeowners wanting to start renting out their properties to holidaymakers to place an advert on HomeAway.co.uk at a 20% discount.

HomeAway UK director Andy Cockburn said: “We’re very proud to be supporting the Neighbourhood Watch in Spain and help them continue their activity.

“There was a logical synergy between HomeAway.co.uk and the Neighbourhood Watch, as by the very nature of what they are doing, they are looking out for suspicious activity within the local community, made up mostly of non-resident homeowners.”

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