Travelport and American seek new content deal as existing agreement expires

The full-content deal between American Airlines and GDS Travelport has expired, although both sides say they are working to reach a new agreement.

Travel Weekly in the US has reported that Travelport has notified its customers users that it cannot collect Content Continuity Program or Super Access Product fees until further notice.

The GDS also added that it is not able to guarantee full content access from BA’s partner in the US.

However, American said it “intends to provide uninterrupted access to its content for display and sale through the Travelport global distribution systems.

And added it will “continue to work toward a new agreement so long as American is not disadvantaged by Travelport, and Travelport displays American’s content in a fair and neutral manner.”

The two firms have been at loggerheads amid attempts by American to bring in its Direct-Connect system for intermediaries bypassing the GDSs.

With anti-trust court proceedings ongoing Travelport announced an extension to its agreement at the eleventh hour last November as talks continued over a new long-term deal.

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