Igluski takes wraps off ‘snappy’ new mobile site

Igluski takes wraps off ‘snappy’ new mobile site

Independent winter sport specialist travel agent Igluski has launched a new mobile website offering users access to its 700,000 plus holidays.

Stephen Adam, digital marketing director at the Wimbledon-based retailer, which also specialises in cruise, said all of Igluski’s main desktop functions had been re-made for mobile.

These include weather and snow reports and snow history information.

“10% of our customers now visit us on phones, so this is an enormous improvement for all those people. We’re really proud of it,” he said.

The mobile site has been optimised for use on all devices including retina iPhones and the latest Android devices.

Iglu says it has been designed and coded from the ground up and is lightweight and offers snappy, super-fast loading on the 3G mobile network.

As well as access to all Igluski’s holidays, the mobile site also includes high resolution images of chalets and resorts.

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