Momondo launches multi-country TV ads

Momondo launches multi-country TV ads

Metasearch site Momondo has introduced television advertising across five European countries and Russia.

The first of two films created by Danish film production company Bacon – “Freedom Fighters” – shows a diversity of people, all struggling for freedom.

Billed not as freedom fighters in the traditional sense, they struggle to break down boundaries and prejudices, embracing other cultures and people that they meet on their way.

The theme is repeated in the second film “Close-ups”, the idea behind this advert being that people can only break down boundaries and create a better and more open world if they get closer to each other and look each other in the eyes, according to the company.

The commercials are running on TV channels in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and Russia.

Company board member Martin Lumbye said: “When we travel, we meet other people; we remember moods and recollect the sounds, tastes and colours. There are many emotions associated with travel.

“That’s what we want to bring forward with these commercials and that was the initial reason behind launching Momondo back in 2006.”

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