TripAdvisor confirms hotel metasearch trial

TripAdvisor confirms hotel metasearch trial

TripAdvisor has confirmed it is trialling a hotel metasearch platform which provides pricing and availablity information for its huge database of properties.

No date has yet been set for full deployment of the new platform, which has been available to randomly selected users as part of a trial for the last two months.

In addition to filtering by customer rating, the search tool enables users to focus their search in finer detail, allowing them to filter results to find properties that reviewers deem to be good for families, for example.

Users are also able to see if friends have stayed in a particular property within their search results, allowing them to take into account the reviews of those they know personally when making their decision.

A TripAdvisor spokesperson said: “TripAdvisor is always looking at ways to improve the user experience and we’re constantly experimenting with new features and functionality to help travellers plan and have the perfect trip.

“One such feature we’re currently testing with a segment of our desktop users is new search functionality for hotel pricing and availability. The enhancement allows users to see hotel pricing options at a room level detail and availability from our booking partners, all on one page.

“Based on user feedback from testing we’ll determine if and how the new search functionality will be rolled out to all users.”

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