Kicksend app groups holiday snaps automatically

A free photo sharing app called Kicksend claims to make showing off holiday photos easier than ever by automatically grouping images into albums based on the time and location they were taken.

Users can access their iPhone or Android photo gallery directly from Kicksend, and send whole albums to friends and family with one touch, eliminating the need to tap on each photo individually.

According to Kicksend’s developers, unlike other photo sharing or social apps, there are no size limits and no need to scale down photos when sharing or printing.

The app lets users share an unlimited number of high-resolution, uncompressed images at once, to anyone, from your smartphone over 3G or Wi-Fi and the Kicksend website.

Kicksend has recently unveiled its 3.0 version of the app for Android and iPhone with ‘print to family’ and the ability to share an unlimited number of high-res photos with family and friends.

Available as a free download, the Kicksend app includes upgrades and features, with its creators claiming it offers privacy not afforded by social networks.

Weekly reminders can also be set up that automatically remind Kicksend users to send photos on a certain day of the week.

The free Kicksend mobile app can be downloaded on Apple’s App Store and Google Play at

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