Momondo predicts two new trends for 2013

Momondo predicts two new trends for 2013

Two new trends which will affect travel in 2013 have been identified by travel search engine Momondo.

The company believes that meta-search sites will need to be more ‘intelligent’, following a 24% drop in refined travel searches over the last four months since it introduced a new flight rating system that makes it easier for users to make the right decisions based on travel needs.

The company believes that more consumers are looking for ‘intelligent’ travel search sites, which help with their travel decision making – by turning raw flight data into actionable information.

Consumers have also been steadily spending more money on flights in 2013, confirming that the traveller’s focus is not now on booking the cheapest ticket.

Convenience factors – such as time – are playing an important role. Moving forward, users will act as ‘smart-buyers’, seeking insight and wanting to compare several factors, before they purchase.

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