HotelPronto moves into pay-per-call arena

HotelPronto has become the latest online travel company to sign up for an online pay-per-call service for users to obtain information about products and reservations.

The global hotel booking website has enlisted the services of DBD Media to run its pay-per-call programme in what is expected to be growing and lucrative form of revenue for online operations in the next 12 months.

The pay-per-call service works by giving users a unique telephone number to dial after they click a sponsored link owned by HotelPronto during a search.

It is expected at least one other major accommodation website will be joining HotelPronto in DBD Media’s pay-per-call programme in the coming months.

HotelPronto’s move comes just four months after Miva and Callgen launched the first pay-per-call services in the UK.

Miva’s own pay-per-call model has been immensely popular with online travel companies and also those from the financial services sector.

Managing director of DBD Media, Nigel Muir, said recent moves by online companies to use the pay-per-call model as a means of reaching consumers would expand rapidly in the coming months.

“Pay-per-call will become a serious revenue driver for our clients in 2006,” he added.

The pay-per-call model has been much trumpeted by industry analysts in recent months, such as The Kelsey Group, which has claimed pay-per-call could become a multi-billion dollar industry within the next two years.

Despite the high profile launch by Miva and Callgen in the UK last summer, Google has remained tight lipped over its own plans after it emerged the global search giant had launched a trial of a click-per-call service in the US in November last year.

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