Mr & Mrs Smith launches campaign to get back to its couples roots

Mr & Mrs Smith launches campaign to get back to its couples roots

Boutique hotel booking brand Mr & Mrs Smith is launching a campaign in the first week of January to get back to its roots and reassert its focus on attracting couples wanting to get away.

The company has commissioned London brand consultancy Goosebumps to help reassert its core brand, with a national print marketing campaign launched in the new year.

Established 10 years ago, Mr & Mrs Smith began as a boutique hotel guidebook publisher, and then developed as a booking service for young professional couples looking for romantic getaways.

As the brand has grown over the last decade, it has broadened its offer, targeting families, holidaying groups of friends and, potentially, business travellers.

Last year, Smith Collections was created to become the new parent brand for sub-brands Mr & Mrs Smith and Smith & Family (now launched in beta), with Smith & Friends (for group breaks) and Smith & Co (for boutique business travel) in the pipeline – a move masterminded by Goosebumps.

Before rolling out the new businesses in full, the team decided it would be important to reassert the role and values of the Mr & Mrs Smith brand.

The hotel-booking site and guidebook publisher is therefore marking its 10th anniversary in January 2013 by going back to its roots with a national print campaign aimed at the late-20, early 30-something audience it was set up to serve.

Simon Cotterrell, strategic partner at Goosebumps, said: “The campaign seeks to reaffirm the essence of the brand, which people fell in love with at its conception – a sexy, flirtatious offering targeted at young couples.

“With a fresh take on this concept 10 years after Mr & Mrs Smith was established, we are aiming to capture a more youthful audience, with the young professional at its core.”

James Lohan, chief executive and founder of Mr & Mrs Smith, said: “With the recent beta launch of, we wanted to reassert Mr & Mrs Smith’s distinct identity as young and fun, and felt a brand-reinforcing campaign to remind people of our slightly mischievous roots would be the perfect tonic.

“I don’t believe any other travel company would get away with skinny-dipping and after-dark croquet shots and I hope the gently suggestive images and provocative lines bring a smile to people’s faces and inspire them to whisk someone special away for a romantic break.”

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