Directline Holidays renews contract with email specialist Redeye

Directline Holidays has signed a 12 month contract with email and website optimisation specialist RedEye to help implement a range of behavioural email programmes across the customer lifecycle.

Pre-purchase programmes include welcome, browser and booking abandonment. Post-holiday triggers include thank you for booking, welcome home and booking anniversary. The campaign will also include a reactivation trigger and a weekly newsletter.

RedEye will also provide full analysis and reporting on all campaigns and be design and build all email creatives.

Directline e-commerce director John Lucas said: “RedEye’s fully integrated service, being both an ESP and behavioural email provider, means the company are able to track, collect and process data, as well as design, build and send out campaigns for both our behavioural email programmes and weekly newsletters.

“With all this happening under one roof we are able to make it part of one strategy, ensuring every subscriber receives the right information at the right time.”

RedEye head of marketing Katie Traynier added: “It’s always a pleasure to work with a company that understands email is much more than a form of direct marketing to be blasted out across the board. The team at Directline Holidays has a clear strategy and has taken the time to understand and think about exactly what information their customers will want to receive.

“Previously in the year, one of our new templates improved email revenue by 40%. We are very much looking forward to continuing this success.”

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