Neilson Holidays offering bookable add-ons via mobile devices

Ski extras from Neilson Holidays are being made available to buy via mobile phones and tablet devices.

The add-ons can be purchased by Google Shopping as a result of technology developed by a Cardiff-based web development company VSI-thinking.

The Thomas Cook brand claims to have become the first travel company to place holidays in Google Shopping last year.

The system loads thousands of Neilson Holiday ski extras into Google, each linked directly to a product page where holidays can be purchased at a click.

The main outcome of the project has been to increase the number of visitors to the Neilson Holidays website.

VSI-thinking hopes to take the solution across the Cook group, helping to save money, increase revenues from bookings and match Google users with potential holidays.

Company director Mark Thomas said: “Google Shopping is great to find the best deals on the everyday goods, but this development takes shopping for your ski extras a step further.

“Choosing ‘shopping’ in Google and entering a product such as ‘lift pass Meribel’, returns pages of results of Neilson products.

“Displaying products in Google shopping populates additional search channels not only on the web, but perhaps more importantly in the Google Shopping Android and Apple phone app, which is installed on tens of millions of phones.”

Neilson commercial director Keith Francis added: “VSI-thinking approached us with this great idea, a real first for travel industry. We hope innovations like this will keep Neilson Holidays at the forefront of the web business.”

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