QuBit claims new SaaS platform takes personalisation to next level

QuBit has unveiled a new platform it claims allows marketers to iterate their sites to match user-specific on-site behaviour ten times faster than conventional techniques.

The Software as a Service reacts to detailed analysis of a website visitor’s behaviour to allow personalised experiences to be created without the need for complex IT processes or re-coding.

The system will allow brands to create personalised messages with special offers, specific imagery or bespoke page designs targeted as user groups and based on how they interact with the site.

The analytics specialist says site owners can make the changes themselves without the need for costly and time consuming specialist data analysis or development resource.

They can also test changes on a subsection of their database to make sure the offering is fully optimised before rolling it out more widely.

QuBit claimed early beta trials have seen an increase in conversions of more than 33% for some user groups.

Graham Cooke, chief executive of QuBit, said: “This isn’t just about serving up some automated recommendations or showing you things you’ve purchased recently, it’s about using specific data to treat each visitor as an individual and personalise their experience accordingly.

“This could change everything – a website is no longer a set of static pages broadcasting content to everyone, it becomes a living, dynamic thing that speaks to each user individually based on what works best for them.

“What’s really powerful is that QuBit’s platform puts this capability into the hands of the marketer.

“Creating a personalised experience based on data analysis is no longer some extended, expensive interaction between data scientists, marketers and developers, it’s something a marketer could do from a single platform in a few minutes.”

Beta tests have been carried out with fashion retailers Stylistpick and Childrensalon.

Ian Sutherland, finance director at Stylistpick, said “QuBit has enabled us to identify specific user segments and has driven incremental value in a fast and effective way by serving personalised content.”

Sorcha Harriman-Smith, digital experience director at Childrensalon, added: “QuBit has given us valuable insights through which we’ve been able to really tailor and optimise a personalised experience for our diverse customer base – with great results.”

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