IBM and Travelport reach technology development pact

A new hardware and software pact has been agreed between Travelport and IBM which will help speed up travel transactions.

The agreement continues Travelport’s ongoing programme and investment in technology and includes upgrades to existing systems’ architecture and software infrastructure.

Travelport will continue the transformation of its technology platform to “vastly increase” the amount of information and transactions it processes, while delivering the most efficient next generation travel transaction processing system.

The travel technology company’s president and chief executive Gordon Wilson said: “This agreement extends a 35-year business relationship between Travelport and IBM.

“Using the latest IBM hardware, software and middleware allows us to support the more sophisticated functionality required by our customers and the continued growth of Travelport’s business.”

Travelport is implementing a cluster of eight new IBM zEnterprise mainframes, a system designed to secure and manage critical information.

zEnterprise will primarily be used to run Travelport’s new IBM z/TPF transaction processing system, which enables high transaction volumes and supports services that deliver travel booking functions through multiple channels including mobile devices, kiosks, and the web.

These improvements will benefit customers in all segments of the travel industry, while delivering the most efficient next generation travel transaction processing system, Travelport claims.

IBM travel and transportation general manger Marty Salfen said: “While these transactions are invisible to most consumers, speed, reliability and flexibility are of the utmost importance in the travel industry.

“This agreement further demonstrates our mutual focus on supporting one of the most critical aspects of the travel industry as Travelport continues to introduce new services, while maintaining the travel industry’s most resilient technology platform.”

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