Greenlight urges early adoption of Google’s new remarketing product

Travel marketers have been urged to trial Google’s new Remarketing for Search product sooner rather than later or risk being left behind.

Citing a World Travel Holdings (WTH) case study from Google which showed a 145% increase in click through rate (CTR) for the US firms’ CruiseOnly brand, search marketing agency Greenlight says the move is a “huge step forward”.

Ryan Haines, paid media executive at Greenlight, said: “Remarketing for Search is a powerful targeting option for marketers whose aim is to increase brand awareness, obtain new customers and tailor ads to existing customers within the search engine results pages (SERPs).

“Until now, Adwords remarketing was based on the Google display network (GDN) and was a product where digital marketers could select various audiences based on their behavioural web page browsing history.

“Remarketed ads would then be targeted to entice browsers and potential customers, who may have entered the conversion funnel, back to a certain webpage where they are more likely to perform a conversion function.

Google’s Remarketing for Search takes the benefits of remarketing and leverages them within the SERPs.

“It allows advertisers to target users on the search network based on their keyword search history within the SERPs.

“It facilitates a more personalised search experience, as it gives the opportunity to create and target ads based on a users’ level of interaction with the brand, from new user to premium member.”

Referring to the Google case study, Willie Fernandez, WTH vice president of marketing said: “Knowing that our audience list was composed of users familiar with our site and interested in cruises, we increased bids by 50% to help our ads rise to the top of the results page, where they would be most visible.

“Results were immediate and impactful. We saw a 145% increase in the click-through rate (CTR) versus our original campaigns.

“As we expected, our RLSA campaigns also converted better than our original campaigns as a whole. We saw a 315% higher conversion rate from our audience list, and a 250% higher return on ad spend (ROAS).”

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