Hoaxer turns Jetstar Facebook page into rude tube

Hoaxer turns Jetstar Facebook page into rude tube

Budget Australian airline Jetstar has become the victim of a Facebook hoaxer who created a false profile and posted rude comments to customers.

TNT Magazine reported that a Facebook user known as Anita had set up the page which offered responses to customer complaints.

One customer called Frank was told: “Hi Frank. Have you ever heard about giving up? Please stop acting like a spoiled brat and grow up. Thanks.”

Another response to an inquiry about a fare promotion said: “Don’t be such a tight ass and pay the full price. It’s cheap anyway.”

A third user was told his flight had been cancelled when he tried to make a change.

Australian’s might be known for their straight-talking, no-nonsense approach, but it seems this cheeky, albeit humorous, intervention isn’t the new face of Antipodean customer service.

A post on the official Jetstar Facebook page says: “You might have noticed that there have been some inappropriate responses to your feedback on our Facebook pages today.

“Unfortunately, someone has made a fake Jetstar Facebook and they’ve been impersonating us. We are currently working with Facebook to get this resolved.

“You can tell if the account is a fake because when you click on their profile, it leads to a different wall.”

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