Travel Rants author makes ‘hardest decision’ to close blog

Travel Rants author makes ‘hardest decision’ to close blog

Influential travel blogger and former Travolution Award winner Darren Cronian has decided to close down his Travel Rants blog saying “his heart is not in it” anymore.

The blog, which earned a reputation for being a consumer champion, will officially close on November 30 as will the Facebook page.

In a post announcing his decision Cronian said: “I don’t want a medal but all of this was done in my spare time; writing the blog was a hobby, it was never a business, and at the point where I started to want to make money from the blog, I started to lose the passion and my mind started to wander to other things.

“In the last year I have had a few opportunities to make money from Travel Rants, but my heart is not in it, and rather than clogging up the internet with yet another dead travel blog, I have decided to close Travel Rants down. This decision was the hardest thing I have had to make.”

Cronian started writing Travel Rants in 2005 after a visit to a travel agent left him feeling the company was not interested in helping him find a holiday.

In 2008, he scooped the Travolution Award for best consumer blog, the citation reading: “Darren Cronian has single-handedly set the benchmark to which other consumer-focused blogs should aspire.

“Controversial, relevant, thorough and, perhaps most tellingly, much better than something mainstream media organisations are trying to achieve.”

Through his work on Travel Rants Cronian has been interviewed on numerous consumer watchdog programmes, spoken at the ITB and WTM annual trade shows and admits to attending just one press trip, with British Airways to New York.

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