Agents top poll of top influencers for winter getaways

Travel agents have outperformed social media and reviews as the most influential source of travel advice, according to a new survey.

SurveyThe study, carried out online by Videology, an online video advertising agency, asked 3,700 UK adults about their holiday plans this winter.

Asked to choose from a list of factors that would influence their choice 16% said travel agents, while tourism/resort ads, social media/friends and online reviews polled 13%.

Sales/promotional deals and online professional reviews both scored 11%. An ‘other’ category polled the highest on 23% leaving it open to question what other factors influence buying behaviour.

Survey 2The survey also found that 45% of respondents who said they would definitely be taking a leisure trip this winter frequently or very frequently book it online.

Beach holidays were found to be the most popular ahead of family trips and touring and sightseeing. Winter sports ranked alongside cruise behind road trips.

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