Amadeus to work with EC-sponsored travel sector initiative

Amadeus is to work with a European Commission sponsored initiative to support small and medium sized businesses in the travel sector.

The Tourismlink project aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the European tourism industry, especially small and medium enterprises through the development and implementation of new technology.

The scheme will ultimately help the flow of information among tourism service suppliers and intermediaries such as travel agents and tour operators.

Amadeus is to act as advisor on business and technological matters. The technology company will provide recommendations on relevant commercial and technological developments at different stages of the project.

The company’s senior advisor on industry affairs Juan Jesus Garcia said: “The tourism industry in Europe is one of the main engines of economic growth and employment. Therefore we fully support the initiatives undertaken by the European Commission to stimulate the competitiveness of the travel and tourism sector, in particular regarding small and medium enterprises.

“Tourismlink is about researching and developing innovative technology to help Europe’s tourism SMEs become more efficient; and providing further efficiencies to the travel industry is Amadeus’ corporate mission.”

He added: “We believe that we bring two sets of solid assets to facilitate the implementation of this project: our expertise in the research and development of innovative technology for travel companies globally and our strong relationship with a wide range of travel companies thanks to our strong local presence across all EU markets.”

Tourismlink project manager François-Xavier Peêrs said: “This project will require a good understanding of the real business and technology issues that European travel providers and travel agents are facing today when distributing and marketing their products. Amadeus brings strong credentials to properly assess and tackle those issues.”

Members of the Tourismlink consortium inlcude Ectaa (European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ association) and Hotrec (European trade association of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes).

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