Avis partners with Isango to offer site add-ons

Avis is working with online excursion-planning company Isango to add day trips, tours and attraction tickets to its website.

Tours and sightseeing trips will be among the add-ons available to book through the Avis MyDestination portal.

Users can also access information about their destination including maps, weather information, currency exchange rates and road rules.

Isango commercial vice president Deepak Jha said: “Avis customers can use the MyDestination Portal to find out more about their chosen destination and identify points of interest.

“Having all the information in one place enables travellers to book their car rental and excursions together, helping them to manage travel budgets and make the most of their time away.”

Other Isango distribution partners include Ryanair, Accor Hotels, Orbitz and Travel Counsellors.

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