Lastminute’s design team takes its latest mobile app to the people

Lastminute’s design team takes its latest mobile app to the people

Techies from are spending this week encamped in the foyer of a London hotel testing a mobile prototype app and getting customer feedback.

The online agent has teamed up with ThoughtWorks, a customer software specialist, to run sessions at The Cumberland Hotel from 11am to 6pm.

The design team at is looking for feedback into its mobile service and customers are being shown the latest version of its mobile application.

Coffee and champagne is being served up during the sessions which said “showcase its innovation process and [are] an opportunity to engage with a wide cross-section of employees from product management to developers in the customer insight and rapid prototyping activities”.


David Slocombe, head of mobile at, said: “The customer voice is at the heart of our innovation process, so sharing our ideas for new products with customers and having their direct feedback enables us to ensure we are creating the products that solve the biggest challenges in our customers’ travel experience.

“Our goal is to experience the lives of our customers and use this to filter the many new ideas that we start the week with to a handful of truly valuable solutions that we can build and launch to our entire customer base in the New Year.”

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