Guardian launches new travel section

The Guardian has re-launched the travel section on its website in the first part of a major overhaul of the Guardian Unlimited brand.

The channel has been redesigned to follow the style of the recently relaunched Berliner-style print product, as well as providing a raft of new commercial opportunities for travel advertisers.

Guardian News & Media will retain its association with Travelsupermarket to power travel search facilities for users.

A key tenet of GNM’s strategy has been to tag existing travel content from the paper product for search engine optimisation and to grow its contextual advertising programme.

The site’s behavioural targeting has also been stepped up so advertising can be made more relevant against a user’s browsing history and geographical location.

Director of digital content at Guardian News & Media, Emily Bell, said: “Innovation, creativity and user-generated content are central to our online vision. The launch of the new travel site gives a taste of the improvements we are planning across the GU network.

“The site is more user-friendly, invites greater interactivity and provides a range of booking opportunities.”

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