CWT develops in-house hotel review system for corporate customers

Business travellers will be able to share hotel ratings and reviews within a secure, company-specific site developed by CWT.

CWT Hotel Intel gives access to up-to-date information on company-compliant hotels and provides advice from fellow business travellers. 

Corporate travellers are requested to comment on return from their hotel stay. They can give the hotel a rating and post reviews of the property so that other travellers can read about their experience and make an informed choice before booking.

Reviews, which remain in a private network, can be made only after a genuine stay, according to the travel management company.

CWT Hotel Intel is powered by travel review company Vinivi. It is specifically designed for companies and is similar to leisure travel review sites.

It gives travel managers a tool to help them manage their corporate hotel programme, while encouraging travellers to stay at their company’s preferred properties.

Information on room availability, hotel facilities and details of negotiated rates, such as breakfast, Wi-Fi and parking, are also displayed on the site.

CWT Hotel Intel assists travel managers in improving the level of service provided by suppliers through a single source of traveller feedback and hotel ratings.

CWT innovation leader Patrice Simon said: “The development of CWT Hotel Intel is very much aligned with the current trends we’re seeing in the industry – travellers increasingly use peer group information to make decisions.

“Using our knowledge of how travellers use social networks for their leisure travel, we developed this exciting travel site that allows business travellers to share valuable information with their peers in a way that supports compliance with a company’s travel policy.”

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