Ireland operator first to take Intuitive system

Midlands-based Claddah Travel has become the first company to install a new dynamic packaging tool designed specifically to help tour operators utilise products from other companies.

The technology, called iVector and developed by Intuitive, allows operators to sell their own tailored products as well as tours from third-party consolidators.

Products will be bundled together through the system to ensure Claddah’s branding remains in place for consumers.

Intuitive managing director Arthur Moulding said: “Tour operators no longer need to be limited to only selling packages from their own portfolios, they can use an intuitive packaging system to offer an expanded range of products and convert more sales.

“We believe this new approach to online booking will give small and medium sized tour operators instant access to a much bigger market than was ever possible before.”

The iVector system has also been designed to give users Ajax control of various functions.

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