Cheapflights announces corporate rebrand to drive overseas growth

Cheapflights announces corporate rebrand to drive overseas growth

Cheapflights Media has announced a change of corporate identity to the brand of its Danish meta-search subsidiary Momondo.

The rename to Momondo Group reflects Cheapflights’ ambitions to grow internationally into non-English speaking markets and the potential of the Momondo brand to help it do that.

Cheapflights agreed an investment in Momondo and parent Skygate International in March last year, signalling the end of its Zugu price comparison business launched in 2010.

Hugo Burge said the decision was another shot in the arm for the future of meta-search following last week’s record buyout of Kayak by the world’s most valuable travel firm Priceline.

“When we bought Momondo one of the things that interested us was the brand really reflects our aspiration for future international growth in non-English speaking markets.

“It gives us more flexibility and the brand message resonates very strongly with us. Momondo Group is not a consumer-facing brand and Cheapflights continues to have great breadth in the industry.

“Momondo is less well-known but this symoblises the two companies working closely together across the group, accelerating Momondo’s growth. We think that the two models are extremely complimentary.”

Burge said there would not be a blurring of the Cheapflights’ media and Momondo meta-search models but that in new markets Momondo would allow it to develop new product lines.

It has already moved into car rental and hotel meta-search and has won plaudits for its innovative approach to air fare search and destination colour-coded destination guides.

To coincide with the rebrand announcement Cheapflights also revealed that it has expanded into South Africa with, following earlier launches in Australia.

Momondo has also entered the Romanian market with the launch of

As part of the corporate rebrand Momondo founder Thorvald Stigsen will join the board of directors of Momondo Group.

Burge said: “It has been great fun working with Thorvald over the last few years. He has a superb understanding of what it is to bring brand, technology and product together.”

Stigsen added: “I love the core vision of the company [Momondo] – that an open world is a better place – and I believe we can democratise travel with our comprehensive search.

“The group has incredible momentum and the travel space offers so many opportunities.”

The new parent company will continue to be based in London while Momondo will retain its base in Copenhagen and will continue to operate as separate entities.

“We are investing more for growth and this really reflects our aspiration for future growth,” said Burge.

“We want more people to travel and Momondo is all about inspiring people to travel and to make it more inspirational.

“Momondo has a track record of pioneering new products and you can expect more of that.”

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