launches travel card has released details of a new service which allows users to store holiday spending money on a debit card from UK PayPoint stations or via the internet.

The online travel agency has created the Pre-Paid Travel Card service in the hope that consumers will move away from carrying large amounts of cash or travellers’ cheques.

The programme has been developed in conjunction with finance company Maestro, which will allow customers to use the card anywhere globally featuring Maestro symbol. has set a limit of £300 per day for online transfers to the card and £500 per day from the 15,000 PayPoint centres around the UK. commercial managing director, Fraser Robinson, said: “The pre-paid card is an excellent way for people to combine the convenience and security of a chip and pin card with the flexibility of cash.

“For many people it will eliminate the uneasiness of carrying around a lot of cash.”

The card will be based on existing Chip and Pin technology and will be mailed out to users within ten days, the company said this week.

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