GuidePal releases Windows 8 app as part of Microsoft collaboration

City Guide specialist GuidePal has released a windows 8 app to coincide with the launch of Microsoft’s new operating system.

The release comes after a year of collaboration between Microsoft and GuidePal.

GuidePal provides free city guides for mobile platforms covering more than 60 major destinations across the globe. It has seen 4.6 million app downloads and 1 million registered users.

GuidePal chief executive Peter Schierenbeck said: “Windows 8 is an impressive platform in terms of power and user friendliness, and the market potential is huge.

“It was a natural step in our continued expansion to offer a product for Microsoft’s new platform so that we can meet their users’ needs for relevant, updated travel content.”

Microsoft’s collaboration with GuidePal is a part of the software giant’s strategy to build closer relationships with app developers.

Schierenbeck added: “The fact that Microsoft has chosen to work with GuidePal is proof that we are on the right track.

“Historically, they may not have been a large player in the mobile market, but we have always been convinced that they will be successful because of their unique capability to bridge the PC, the tablet and the phone.

“When they suggested that we work together, we had no doubt that this was a great opportunity to create something fantastic for Windows 8.”

Thomas Floberg, business unit manager of Windows at Microsoft Sweden, said GuidePal has become an important development partner for the firm.

“I am glad that GuidePal decided to commit wholeheartedly to the Windows 8 platform. Their travel app really uses the power and fully exploits the opportunities that Windows 8 provides.”

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