EasyJet creates US site as demand soars from across the pond

A US website has been created by EasyJet in response to growing demand from travellers from the country.

US passengers booking through the new site will be able to book flights in dollars for the first time by logging onto easyjet.com/us.

Visits from the US now feature in the budget carrier’s top ten league table by volume.

The UK tops the chart with France taking second place and Italy a close third.

Marketing director Peter Duffy said: “More than 90,000 US customers visit easyJet.com every week and this number continues to grow. The USA now has the ninth most visitors with more than 360,000 visits in September alone.

“The UK retains the number one spot with almost 14 million visits during August.

“More than half (55%) of the Americans visiting easyJet.com come to the site directly which shows that EasyJet holds a truly global appeal and has a strong brand presence in countries thousands of miles from the nearest EasyJet airport.”

He added: “This is not just about hits to the website. We take hundreds of thousands of bookings from the US and beyond each month. Just like our European passengers they are a mix of people doing business or holidaying in Europe.”

The airline’s website also attracts users from Australia, Canada and Brazil. It has received 1,347 visits from the Congo, 1,010 from Uzbekistan and 2,695 from Ethiopia.

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